Wedding Gown Preservation and Restoration



  • Pre-testing to protect all ornamentation, embroidery, fabric, construction, and stains
  • Unique cleaning method with proven formulas to remove soil, make-up, alcohol, perspiration and other stains
  • Anti-sugar stain treatment - stains containing sugar, salt, and acid often dry clear but turn yellow or brown over time (caramelizing)
  • Steaming and finishing of the fabric so your gown isn't packaged with hard wrinkles and creases causing permanent fabric impressions
  • True Inspection of gown - we set up an appointment with you to physically review your gown, ensuring it's cleaned to perfection
  • Everlasting inspection of gown - we set up an appointment with you to physically review your gown, ensuring it's cleaned to perfection
  • Everlasting packaging - your gown is placed on an acid free bust form and we layer the folds with acid free tissue. Our packaging is NOT air tight, because just like us, it needs to breathe. Your package will have a clear Mylar window under the lid so you can see your treasured gown without compromising your guarantee.
  • Everlasting Guarantee - Protects you 100%. Simply bring your gown back unopened and we guarantee it will look exactly as you inspected it before we packaged your gown - whether it is 6 or 60 years from now!
  • Free Pressing and Finishing - when the gown is to be worn again, and the package is brought back to us unopened, we will inspect and press the gown at no additional charge.


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You'll never forget how you looked on your wedding day, adorned in your priceless gown that made you a bride. Capture the look forever with Long Cleaners expert preservation and restoration services.


With over 60 years experience, thousands of customers have trusted Long Cleaners to professionally clean, treat, and repair their wedding gowns for immediate use, or preserve your gown for years to come. After your wedding, it's important to have your gown professionally cleaned and preserved for future generations and as a personal keepsake to treasure. All work is done on-site in our state of the art facility by Linsay our Wedding Gown Specialist.


Our experienced staff carefully examines your gown to customize the cleaning process for the best result. Our process is determined by testing each type of ornamentation and taking into consideration the various types of fabrics involved, how the gown is constructed, and the soil/stains that are on the gown.



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Wedding Gown Restoration and Preservation Dayton Ohio - Long Cleaners - 937-866-4341

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