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Top 10 reasons to use FREE Pickup and Delivery

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Top 10 reasons to use Long Cleaners FREE Pick-up and Delivery Dry Cleaning Service

  1. It doesn’t cost any extra than if you went to one of our Dry Cleaning Stores

          It’s FREE

  1. It’s the most CONVIENENT way to go to the Dry Cleaners
  2. In Ohio we get our fair share of sleet, ice, and snow in the winter. Don’t go out in the weather to go to the Cleaners. Let the Drycleaner come to you.
  3. SAVE your GAS to drive somewhere you want to go instead of driving to the Dry Cleaner.
  4. It takes two trips to go to the Cleaners, Once to drop off and once to pick them up. Long Cleaners pickup and delivery service only takes you two seconds to place your dirty clothes at the door, then our driver will deliver them back fresh, clean, and crisp.
  5. Never stand in line at the Drycleaners again. We come to you…
  6. VIP TREATMENT – Our service will make your neighbors envious!!
  7. One less errand to do, giving you more time to do the things you want to do.
  8. Because our Drivers are so likable and nice.
  9. Long Cleaners State of the Art equipment keeps your wardrobe looking its best!

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