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Leather and Suede Cleaning

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Leather/Suede Care

Whether you have a vintage classic leather or Suede Jacket, one with a designer label, or a prized motorcycle style, the following cleaning tips for a leather jacket will keep you looking great for years to come.

A leather jacket needs to be cleaned and reconditioned once each year to keep it looking its best. While wearing your jacket the oils from your skin can cause discoloration and leave a less than desirable look around the collar and other areas. Also, spills and stains are common when wearing any garment and should be removed in a timely fashion to reduce the risk of permanent staining. While there are no guarantees of removing all stains, we strive to provide the best cleaning possible.

At Long Cleaners, your leather garment goes through advanced dry cleaning and wetcleaning techniques and processes to remove soils and impurities. This process also restores and reconditions the hide that is essential to prolong the garment longevity.

We recommend you choose a Cleaner that specializes in Leather/Suede/and Fur care. Some Cleaners send their Leathers out to another company for cleaning because they don’t have the proper equipment or knowledge and experience. At Long Cleaners all work is done on premises to insure the very best of craftsmanship and integrity.

With Long Cleaners investment in modern state of the art Leather and Suede equipment and over 70 years of experience it is no wonder they are the trusted source of Dry Cleaning in Dayton. Not to mention Long Cleaners has the best price by eliminating the middle man.

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