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Cleaning your Wedding Gown

Posted by on  | Wedding

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What an enchanting evening, you’ve danced the night away in your charished Wedding Gown. Now what do you do? Why not save your day forever. Gown preservation is the best way to keep your heirloom looking like the day you said "I do."  Many brides pass down their gown to other generations or simply have as a treasured keepsake.

Most Gowns don't see it through the wedding without their fair share of stains and blemishes. Outside photos can really soil the train, or perhaps a little persperation from the exciting day. Long Cleaners has cleaned everything from cake to champagne, and from lipstick to wine. So no worries, go ahead and enjoy your day!

There are several options to clean and preserve your gown. Our recommendation is to contact Long Cleaners, set up a FREE consultation with one of our Wedding Gown Specialists to review your gown and customize the cleaning percedure to fit your fabric, ornamentation, and lace.

You took such care in selecting your gown, you should take the same care when choosing who cleans it.

Gown preservation is a skilled trade and requires specialized equipment and knowledge. Often invisable stains that dry clear can yellow in time due to carmilization of sugars in the stain. 

When you’re looking for someone to preserve your gown, it’s best to ask some questions. Many Dry Cleaners claim to clean gowns, but if they don’t do it often, they may not be your best choice. Do they do all their work themselves or do they outsource it to another company? If that's the case, why use a middleman? Go straight to the source for the best price and results.

Here are eight questions every bride should have answered before leaving her gown with a company to be heirloomed:

1. Will I be able to examine my gown AFTER it is prepaired but BEFORE it is placed in the heirlooming container? (Very Important)

2. Has the company been in business a long time?

3. Am I required to sign a release? (The answer should be NO!)

4. Does the company specialize in cleaning garments with beads, sequins, and appliques, etc.?

5. Will only certifiably acid-free packaging be used?

6. Will I be GUARANTEED invisible stains, like sugar and champagne, will never appear?

7. Can I be provided with references from satisfied customers?

8. Will I have written warranty?

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